“You will dance your booty off having so much fun, dripping with sweat not realizing you are actually working out! I feel like I have become so much more coordinated learning the DANZMUNDO moves. Claudia & the world music make you forget. It feels like a World Dance Party!”
- Meredith Mounce

“Most enthusiastic, high energy workout that I've ever had! Inches drop while I dance across the room having fun! Who knew that simple moves, combined with great music could keep my heart & mind healthy ... I love it.” - Shelli Yung

Your Thoughts
“When I dance DANZMUNDO with Claudia, nothing else matters. It is the ultimate gift of health & stress reliever! It is fun & liberating & my posture has never been better” - Wendy Stein

“I absolutely love the class!  Dancing with the Stars is nothing compared to what you get here! So much energy, so much excersise, sooo much fun ... love it!” - Irina Kurland

“I've been to other dance classes in the past but never committed to any of them. Claudia's energy and enthusiasm make me want to dance every week. I feel & look better & I think I'm dancing better because of you. Thanks alot!”- Irene Mayzenberg

"I've been coming to this class for a year & I'm still hooked! Claudia's unique style of world rhythms & heart pumping movement allows you to rip the benefits of an intense hour long cardio class with the added bonus of sexy easy to follow dance moves. DANZMUNDO has given me the chance to stick to a cardio class that's not only intense in nature but fun with a "Fiesta" style atmosphere!!" -Julia Vega

"In addition to being a skillful dancer & teacher, Claudia is kind, patient, & welcoming. She watches for skill level & provides extra help for those who need it. More advanced students are challenged & beginners are patiently & expertly brought along. Claudia's passion & love for dance and music is obvious and infectious!"
- Andrea Merg
"Claudia's DANZMUNDO class is the only exercise class I've ever loved! She makes a truly tough workout fun. Her energy, positive outlook & encouragement are guarantees you'll get the best workout around. She will get you to a better place, with a full-sweat cardio workout, & a smile on your face." - Laura Blatt

"I can describe it as a “Big Family Party” where friendships are formed & fun and laughter can be found! It also has a variety of styles of music from all over the world. My favorites are Salsa, Merengue & Reggeaton!"  - Zandra Ospina-Navarro
"Your amazing workout system completely transformed me. I can't wait for my next class!  I "fly" through the day with new lightness & great mood. I've never had abs this toned and thighs this firm. You are out of this world amazing & I think that every woman should discover you & indulge into your fun dancing workout. You are one of the most inspiring people I've met. Thank you so much for turning my workouts into such joy!" - Julia Butler

"I don’t feel like I am working out, but dancing for an hour instead … it’s fantastic!" - Sandra Parry
Nothing gets my heart pumping like DANZMUNDO with Claudia. She brings so much energy & makes sure I get the best workout without me having to think about it."- Linda Goeckner

"Great music & variety of dance steps! Claudia creates a warm, welcoming environment, with individualized encouragement to each student. She provides modifications & really has something for everyone; regulars & newcomers each get their needs met. I was an out-of-town visitor dropping in on her class & will definitely have Claudia's DANZMUNDO class on my itinerary on all of my future trips to So Cal." - Lois Billig