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Travel with us around the exotic WORLD OF DANCE and movement in this one hour energizing and captivating workout class.

Claudia's love and passion for dance combined with a personal connection to different cultures through her ethnic background of Spanish, Chilean Native, Middle Eastern and European ancestry, makes her the perfect "Ambassador of World Rhythms"!

In an effort to maintain and respect the “flavor’ and “style” of each culture, Claudia has created this workout with a mixture of traditional dance moves from the countries of origin and has added a personal twist by fusing them with her sexy feminine style of movement plus aerobic interval training and muscle strengthening exercises.

You will dance to exotic WORLD DANCE RHYTHMS with easy to follow dance moves and routines. No need to memorize choreography, simply allow the music to move you. This class is great for beginners and advanced students alike. 
The format provides a challenge for all skill levels.  Anyone can do it and everyone will be inspired!
¡Hola!     Bonjour     Shalom     Pryvet     Halo     Guten Tag     Konnichi wa     Namasté     Salaam
What are you waiting for? Get ready to shake your hips and shimmy away to the tantalizing beats and wonderful music and rhythms from around the world in styles like: India’s BOLLYWOOD, Eastern Island’s POLYNESIAN, Brazil’s SAMBA, Middle Eastern  BELLY DANCING, and Latin America’s spiciest beats like SALSA, CUMBIA, REGGAETON, MERENGUE, AFRO FUSIONS and many, many more!

The "buzz" around town is that this workout will leave you feeling happy and energized … it is great for both body and mind and a FUN way to LOSE FAT and INCHES while developing LEAN and TONE muscles AND maintaining the curves and shape a woman should have!! Come try out for yourself!

Claudia Shelton is a Group Fitness Certified Instructor and a Classically Trained Dancer in Ballet and Ethnic World "Folklore" in her native Chile.
Her love for dance is contagious!
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