Get ready to shake your hips and shimmy away to the tantalizing beats and wonderful music and rhythms from around the world in styles like India’s BOLLYWOOD, Eastern Island’s POLYNESIAN, Brazil’s SAMBA, Middle Eastern  BELLY DANCING, and Latin America’s spiciest beats like SALSA, CUMBIA, REGGAETON, MERENGUE, AFRO FUSIONS and many more! 

The "buzz" around town is that this workout will leave you feeling happy and energize. It is great for both body and mind and a FUN way to LOSE FAT and INCHES while developing LEAN and TONE muscles and maintaining the curves and shape a woman should have.

What they're saying

"Claudia is a gifted dancer and teacher who welcomes everyone to her studio and encourages and inspires each of us to do our best.  There is great variety in the dance routines and always something new to learn. I did not start until age 59 and I’m so glad I did! I have been going for five years now and I consider it essential for keeping my body and mind strong and vital as I age. Dancing with Claudia puts a smile on our faces and literally keeps us on our toes! It is pure joy!"


- Maureen