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Meet  Claudia & Danzmundo


Welcome to my Dance Floor!

I have always been surrounded by creativity, art, dance and music. They simply fill my heart with so much joy and happiness! My goal is to be able to share some of this joy with you!

Soy Claudia

I was made in sunny Miami. However, I was born and raised in Chile. Growing up there was a highly enriching cultural experience for me.

I studied Ballet, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Cultural Dance. I migrated to the States as a teenager. I learned English, continued my artistic and dance studies, and met my soul mate! Together we opened our Dance & Fitness Studio in 2011.  Best decision EVER!

Where Cardio meets

World Dance

for Total Body Fitness!

We are a friendly boutique style studio.

If you have ever felt intimidated by the idea of dancing, we promise to help you conquer that fear!  Our dancers range from ages 15 to 75 years young. They are all extremely inspirational and proof that it is NEVER to late to start dancing and to find the hidden dancer in you!


How Danzmundo was Born

My love and passion for dance combined with a personal connection to different cultures through my ethnic background of Spanish, Portuguese, Chilean Native, Middle Eastern and European ancestry, made me the perfect "Ambassador of World Rhythms" and motivated me to develop and create a fitness dance workout that is both joyful and effective.


In an effort to maintain and respect the “flavor" and “style” of each culture, I have created my DANZMUNDO WORKOUT with a mixture of traditional dance moves from the countries of origin and I have added my personal twist by fusing them with my sexy feminine style of movement, high intensity interval training and muscle strengthening exercises. 


You will dance to exotic WORLD DANCE RHYTHMS with easy to follow dance moves and routines. No need to memorize choreography, simply allow the music to move you. This class is great for beginners and advanced students alike.  The format provides a challenge for all skill levels.

What makes my classes fun?

My classes have different formats throughout the week. This way you can feel challenged and encouraged to work on your dance skills and physical abilities.


Every month, I create a NEW DANCE MIX routine with new music, new dance moves and new rhythms. Mondays through Thursdays we practice the mix, learning all the techniques and styling from the different cultural dance styles. For our Friday class, I shuffle through my World Dance Music Library for a surprise exotic dance party!


You are welcome to dance in high heels or you can wear your dance sneakers if you prefer. Saturday is our more athletic version of Danzmundo and we focus on developing upper body strength while dancing and grooving with weights. Your toned muscles will show up in no time! For this class, we also incorporate some mat work to focus on toning and stretching your entire body. A must try for all levels. 

The Benefits of Dancing

I encourage you to make dance a big part of your healthy lifestyle. The benefits of dance are many!  Dancing will help you improve physical and psychological well-being. It will give greater self-confidence. It will improve balance, coordination, agility and flexibility.  It will give you stronger bones, muscles and a healthy brain. And it will fill your life with lots of joy, laughter and happiness!

Whatever your dance skills are.

Whatever your level of fitness, coordination and flexibility is.


My assistant Snow and the entire Danzmundo Team welcomes you as you are!


Let's Dance!


What are you waiting for?

Get ready to shake your hips and shimmy away to the tantalizing beats and wonderful music and rhythms from around the world in styles like India’s BOLLYWOOD, Eastern Island’s POLYNESIAN, Brazil’s SAMBA, Middle Eastern  BELLY DANCING, and Latin America’s spiciest beats like SALSA, CUMBIA, REGGAETON, MERENGUE, AFRO FUSIONS and many more! 

The "buzz" around town is that this workout will leave you feeling happy and energize. It is great for both body and mind and a FUN way to LOSE FAT and INCHES while developing LEAN and TONE muscles and maintaining the curves and shape a woman should have.

What they're saying

"Claudia is a gifted dancer and teacher who welcomes everyone to her studio and encourages and inspires each of us to do our best.  There is great variety in the dance routines and always something new to learn. I did not start until age 59 and I’m so glad I did! I have been going for five years now and I consider it essential for keeping my body and mind strong and vital as I age. Dancing with Claudia puts a smile on our faces and literally keeps us on our toes! It is pure joy!"


- Maureen


Lets get to know each other

DANZMUNDO World Dance appreciates your interest in our services and welcomes all your comments, questions and suggestions.

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